The planning consultation is the first step in your unique photographic experience. We LOVE this part! Getting to know you and your loved ones is SUPER important to us. We take the time to understand what makes you awesome! We want to hear your favourite stories, the tiniest details (which are often the BIGGEST) and most treasured moments you share with your loved ones. We use those stories, feelings and memories as inspiration for your photography shoot so we can truly capture who you are, during your time in front of the camera.

We request your permission to learn everything we can about you and your family, so we can really get to know you, over a few phone calls, by asking lots of questions and chatting to your loved ones too. Whether that be your husband/partner, children (teens) or anyone else involved in your wonderful experience.

We will also explore the display products that will best compliment your home and make suggestions based on your personal tastes and emotions frozen in time for your enjoyment, forever! This will give you realistic expectations on prices for your personalised Wall Art.





We are committed to telling YOUR story and tailor your photography experience to create an environment in which you and your family can thrive, stress free, relaxed and fun. We ask that you trust us as professionals who are setting you up to be the most beautiful you during our time photographing together; photographing you at your best is specialised work, and we LOVE it!





Within two weeks of your photography shoot, we will invite you into the studio to reveal your portraits in a personalised presentation with our Design Consultant. This where all the hard work and preparation come together, but don't worry, we will guide through this incredible experience, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your photos! We keep tissues on hand for this part - it's often an emotional experience!


We will present you with your most captivating photos in a cinematic slideshow. Then we will work together to create your Heirloom Wall Art. Through this incredible experience you can have memories with all their emotion and beautifully displayed in your home for and your family to enjoy everyday for years to come.






Your photographic experience starts with a phone call