Grace ~ Gold Coast Family Photographer

December 03, 2014  •  1 Comment

This is has been the most AMAZING year!

Gorgeous little Grace came to me when she was first in Mum's tummy, and from the moment she was born I've had the delight of seeing her every month. I've watched her grow, seen her funny and beautiful personality emerge, and captured photographic memories for her and her family. 

Best of ALL! We've developed a wonderful friendship, which is truly a gift in itself.

We joke that her time in front of the camera with me, has helped gain her, her own little modelling career. She's a complete natural, Grace's many expressions and curiosities have made for some of the funniest and memorable sessions.

I've learnt, that while I may be capturing these heirloom photographs for Grace and her family, they in return, have also given me some wonderful memories I wouldn't otherwise have had. This is true for all the families that have come to see me, their own uniqueness and funny little quirks leave a lasting impression on me, I have a memory of each and every one. I am truly grateful for these, you have all enriched my life and helped continue to give meaning and joy to what I am able to give you.

A HUGE THANK YOU! to all of you! Thank you for allowing me a moment in your lives, thank you for giving me memories and Thank You for appreciating the memories I have given you.

Until next time!

Warm Wishes



Gold Coast Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer ~ Winner Announced!

September 26, 2014  •  2 Comments

Michelle Byrne Photography Gold Coast Maternity Newborn Children Family PhotographerMichelle Byrne Photography Gold Coast Maternity Newborn Children Family PhotographerGold Coast Maternity Newborn Children Family Photographer Michelle Byrne


Thank you to everyone who entered my Facebook photo shoot competition.

Our lucky winner has been drawn and has won a free photo shoot with Michelle Byrne Photography.

This includes;

  • your choice of session be it Maternity, Newborn, Cake Smash or Family - valued at $125
  • approximately 30 images from your session, all edited and beautifully presented in a slideshow
  • one complimentary 8x10" professional print


I'm really excited and can't wait to meet you and your family very soon!

There is a Special Announcement at the end of the video too, so please stay watching!

Warm Wishes

                           Gold Coast PhotographerMichelle Byrne PhotographyMichelle Byrne Photography Signature

T&C's - Sessions must be booked and completed by November 30 2014

When to hire a Professional Photographer

September 16, 2014  •  4 Comments

She's here, he's perfect! Your life has changed forever!

Many of us carry our little point and shoot camera with us, some have it living in their bag, others remember to pick it up on the way out the door to a special event. Snap shots of our lives, memories, the little images we look at years later, that provoke conversation and have us reconnecting with our loved ones. They encourage questions from our children leading us to share stories with them and giving them a glimpse into our past. Photos connect us in a way far greater than the story alone.

So when should you hire a professional photographer? How often? and is it really essential?

Hiring a professional photographer can be, well, a little overwhelming should you desire pictures every single day, after all isn't that what your little point and shoot is for! So I'll explain when is the best time to engage the quality and artistic talent of a professional so you'll have an amazing and priceless experience and start preserving those all important memories to show your children, grandchildren, great children.... creating your families history in wonderful images!


simple, elegant romantic and modern maternity photographer Gold Coastromantic,modern maternitysimple and elegant maternity photographer Gold Coast

romantic maternity couple on the beach location photographer Gold Coastromantic maternity couple on the beachmaternity location photographer Gold Coast

Beautiful maternity photography
Gold Coast photographerdaring bare studio maternity Beautiful maternity photography Gold Coast photographer

Can't deny the beauty of a mummy to be! With the miracle of new life on the way, now is definitely the perfect time to find your professional photographer. If you're still pregnant and haven't had your "bump" photographed yet, remember, those fond memories of motherhood begin before the birth while you're still feeling refreshed, beautiful and excited about the joy of your new arrival! This is the beginning of the new life growing inside you; your body as one with your unborn child. An experience we are blessed with for a very short time in our lives.

Sometimes we may think we don't want to capture this time, for whatever reasons we may have, this is a moment in your life you will treasure forever. You'll always remember hearing your baby's first heartbeat, the first kick, or the tiny hiccups. But will you remember the beautiful baby bump or how gorgeous you looked? Maternity images are also a great addition to your baby book or couture album, celebrating the life of your new baby from the beginning. Many photographers offer complete baby plan packages which may include the maternity session. Or perhaps you'd like to start from the very beginning and watch your bump grow in a timeline.



Newborn photos by Michelle Byrne Photography Gold Coast photographerNewborn photos by Michelle Byrne Photography Gold CoastBeautiful newborns captured on the Gold Coast tiny newborn baby details gold coast photographertiny newborn baby detailsmacro details of newborn babies

Newborn photography Gold Coast photographerNewborn photography Gold Coast photographernewborns at 4-10 days old

No doubt you and your family are feeling a little tired at the moment. Your baby's first week of life is an amazing adjustment to this wonderful new chapter in your lives, trying to figure out sleep and lots of other things. This is the most unbelievable time to have your baby photographed! Those tiny toes and fingers, cute little lips that looked a little blistered and the wrinkles along their back.

Your baby is more beautiful than you ever imagined.

You may be too tired to truly appreciate these tiny details (as a parent of 3, I know this) due to lack of sleep, but your photographer will be able to capture all of these tiny details and create some amazing artistic images. Babies grow so fast and these details are quickly lost as they change, I encourage parents to bring their newborn in BEFORE 2 weeks of age, even BEFORE 1 week is ideal! Newborns are easily posed at this young age and don't mind being moved around gently. They are quite comfortable naked (so long as they're warm with a full belly). 

Imagine having those precious memories you can show them when they're older! How small they looked in dad's hands and curled up in mum's arms. Most importantly the love and wonderment of you all as a new family, together, for the first time!

Don't let it pass you by before you can capture it professionally.



3 month old baby milestones gold coast baby photographer3 month old baby milestones gold coast baby photographer3 month old baby milestones gold coast baby photographer

You've had your newborn session, now what? Your baby is changing by the day! You don't want to miss anything right? As mentioned before, we probably won't be taking our children to see a professional photographer every day. So aside from capturing your everyday images with your trusty little camera, the best time to bring your baby back is their next developmental milestone. At 3-4 months your baby is now smiling! Yep, they know who you are, you can make them giggle and coo by acting like a clown and they interact with you and the camera a lot! Have you seen those sleepy images of newborns with a big smile? Well guess what, your baby knows they are smiling and their eyes are open! How cute, right? Babies have usually had a fair bit of tummy time by now and are able to hold their head up. If your baby isn't quite ready for tummy time, don't worry, just wait. YES I said WAIT, until these shots are possible.



6 month cute baby gold coast child photographer6 month cute baby gold coast child photographer6 month cute baby gold coast child photographer

The next milestone. At this age, your baby will be grabbing for toys, laughing and sitting up! This a great age and one of my favourites to photograph. Remember! it's ok to wait if your baby isn't sitting up yet. Of course if your baby can sit up and balance even for a short time, and with a little support, this still counts. Make sure it's safe and you or an assistant are within arms reach to catch them as they start to lean. It's usually a good idea to start adding clothing for this age too, but just a little. Toys and props can be fun, it really don't matter if you want to add them or not, your baby is the star and centre of attention in any photo anyway!



9 month cute baby milestones gold coast family photographer9 month cute baby milestones gold coast family photographer9 month cute baby milestones

This one is entirely your choice. Babies of this age are fast and on the go all the time. There's not a lot of difference in their appearance from a few months ago, however, they are usually crawling and some are even pulling themselves up to stand. They're often making funny faces and copying a lot of the silly things you do, like blowing raspberries, dribbling water and playing Indian sounds with their mouth. Your baby might be able to wave at people or blow kisses. Every child is different, you can choose to capture this age, or wait until their next BIG milestone, 1 year! 



first birthday cake smash gold coast photographercake smash at first birthdayfirst birthday cake smash gold coast photographer

WOW! Where did this past year go?

This is by far one of the best milestones of all! Crawling, walking with help or even on on their own. It's all here now, even those cute little teeth! Even if your baby isn't walking (all 3 of mine were totally different) you will still want get their portraits done at 1 year! Some of my clients will choose to have this time marked by a special Cake Smash session along with a portrait session done at the same time. It's a great way to remember this extraordinarily special time and you can even use the images for Birthday invitations. Celebrating your baby's first year is for both of you! This darling little person has been in your life for 1 year now, life isn't the same and you couldn't imagine it any other way!

I hope this gives you a good idea of what the common milestones are that we professional photographers are asked to capture. Of course it's totally your decision and what's important to you, others can leave behind. The most important thing is, you capture these special moments of your child's life. Stories without pictures are just stories after all!

Warm Wishes

                                Michelle signature Gold coast newborn photographerMichelleMichelle signature Gold coast newborn photographer




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